Traditional Midwifery Care

I trust in the birth process, your body, and that God has engineered and orchestrated both to work together to bring forth his creation.

Midwifery Care

As a traditional birth attendant I follow in the footsteps of generations of women who have come before me and trust God to guide me in humbly serving parents in the way that best meets their needs through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I bring knowledge of the physiology of pregnancy and birth, along with the ancient wisdom of herbs, remedies, family planning, and nutrition to assist you on your journey into parenthood.

I will be a guide for you through your pregnancy, answering questions and offering advice, monitoring health as desired, and just walking along side you as a fellow Christian mother. I respect your autonomy and will support you in the pregnancy and birth you desire. Choosing homebirth is choosing to reclaim pregnancy and birth and to fully embrace the role of preparing for and birthing this child that God has given you.

During prenatals we typically meet in your home to talk, connect, listen to baby’s heart rate, check your vital signs, measure baby’s growth, and discuss any questions or concerns you have. I am happy to forgo any parts that you aren’t comfortable with or leave the monitoring up to you! I am a resource for you to learn from and to help mentor you through this life change as women have throughout time.

During labor I can be as involved as you want me to be. I am there as a knowledgeable pair of hands, heart, and mind to support you through your birthing experience. After birth I will stay to monitor both your and your baby’s health, ensure that you are fed and comfortable, help with breastfeeding initiation, and clean up after birth. We will meet postpartum several times through the first 6 weeks to process birth and the transition to parenthood, discuss any postpartum mood symptoms, assist with breastfeeding, and support you emotionally.

I am here to serve, share knowledge and wisdom, and support you.

Fee: 3,400 (flexible payment arrangements, bartering, and sliding scale available)

  • This fee covers all prenatal visits, attendance at your labor and birth by myself and my assistant, a disposable birth kit, use of my birthing tub, all postpartum visits, lactation support through the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Please reach out to schedule a free consultation and discuss working together.

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